Devotional Snippets: Psalm 147:19-20

He declares his word to Jacob,
    his statutes and rules to Israel.
He has not dealt thus with any other nation;
    they do not know his rules.
Praise the Lord!
-Psalm 147:19-20

God has given Israel His “words” (v.19) — something He did not give to any other nation (v.20). These “words” refers to the Law of Moses, which contains “His statutes” and “His ordinances” (v.19). They outline God’s covenantal relationship with His people. They guide the behavior and thinking of the Israelites. They provide instructions on how to live a life that pleases to “the LORD”, the creator of the universe. In contrast, the nations without His words are lost and darkened, left to their own devices. They know not how to please God because God did not reveal it to them. Indeed, God’s “words”, His special revelation, are such a precious gift to His people!